Week 3 – MTC

Hi everyone!
Hello mother. Hello Father.
reading and seeing
is not a bother.
Thanks for the package.
That’s why I’m writing.
My brand new glasses really help with the sighting. 🙂


Anyway, I got your package just this morning. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the blanket. It got a little cold last night. 🙂

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again. Korean is hard! We’re working so hard, and it’s coming very slowly. I’ve been trying several ways to memorize the vocabulary, but I haven’t quite found the one that works the best for me. If anyone has any advice on that, I’d really appreciate it. We’ve taught several more lessons, and we gained two new “investigators”, and a new teacher. Our new teacher looks exactly like our first investigator! It’s so crazy! Unfortunately, our first investigator died unexpectedly, and we were sad because he didn’t have a chance to be baptized, but we gained a new investigator that also our new teacher’s doppelganger. Our second investigator looks exactly like our first teacher too! It’s crazy!

Sundays are my very favorite days here at the MTC. There is so much time to really study and there is not as much rushing around. I love my district and zone! Last Sunday our district leader asked us to teach in district meeting, and Sis. Jackson and I put together a lesson on Baptism. We taught in English, thankfully, and one of the counselors in our branch presidency and his wife were there. He told us that we said exactly what Heavenly Father wanted us to say in the lesson, and it helped me gain some confidence in my teaching. He gave us some inspired counsel, and it was a wonderful Sunday. Fast Sunday’s are not that bad here, so don’t worry about that. They show a movie every Sunday evening, and our first Sunday we watched “Legacy”. It was very enjoyable because of the romance in the story. We didn’t think we’d see romance like that for 18 months to 2 years! 🙂 Last Sunday they had a special language movie, so we got to see “Legacy” in Korean again! It was even more enjoyable in Korean, if that’s possible. It reminded me that I still have much to learn.DSCF0397

I guess you heard on the news about our trip to the Marriott center? It was sooo cool! We seriously looked like an army of God, with thousands of missionaries pouring out the MTC towards the Marriott center. It was the very first time that an MTC devotional has been held in the Marriot Center, and we had all the missionaries from the MTC and the West Campus (Wyview) there. There were sooo many missionaries! People took pictures of us as we walked by. It was cool to be on BYU campus again, and Mervyn B. Arnold and his wife gave an AMAZING devotional. Seriously, it was like it was meant for me. It was perfect! Later, we discussed the devotional as a district and Bro. Perriton from the Branch presidency was with us. He’s the type of priesthood leader who stares into your soul and speaks directly to your heart. As you can imagine, the discussion we had was intense. I love devotionals at the MTC!

As a general reminder, I only know as much as you tell me about what’s going on with you and the world. Don’t think that you can remember what you want to tell me at the end of my mission. The best way is to write your thoughts down the moment you think of what you want to tell me and send it off right away so you don’t forget. I echo the thought of many when I say that missionaries love to get letters, so don’t waste any time and write it when you think about it and send it as soon as possible. I love to hear from you, and I want to hear about the great things you are doing. Don’t forget to tell me because I will not find out from anyone else!

I love you all! The church is true, Korean is hard! Mark 9:23

All my love,


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