Week 5 – MTC – Sister Jessica Pope

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the package, mom AND dad. I loved the snap peas! I ate them all that night, and I’m kind of sad they are gone. We now have a feast in our room, it feels like. We will not starve here, so don’t be worried about that. 🙂

I know mom and dad did, but did anyone else see me in the broadcast? I was only on there for about six seconds, and if you start the video at minute 2:34 you’ll be able to see me. I am in the section by the elders about a thrid of the way up from the bottom and on the left side. There is a sister in a yellow sweater on the end of my row. Hopefully you’ll be able to find me now. You can see my companion several times though. It’s pretty cool!

I’m so excited for what is going to happen with the member missionary work! The whole time I was there I was thinking about the reasons why I decided to serve a mission, particularly about how I always wanted to be in a position so that when the Lord said, “Whom shall I send?” I could say “Here am I, send me.” I was remembering all of that, and I got really excited for you all because the Lord is now re-extending that question to all the members! I want to remind you that missionaries cannot do this work alone. The Lord is helping us, but how much more can we do with the members help? I absolutely loved every minute of the broadcast. The Lord is truely furthering his work, and I hope you all are ready to “catch the wave” and be a part of this marvelous gathering. Do you realize how cool this is!? This is a miracle for our day!! The missionaries and the members each have a specific purpose for this work, and I know that with the Lord’s help we can make an even bigger miracle. I hope you take the messages shared to heart. This is truely amazing, and I’m so excited for you all!

This week was the Mission President Seminar, so our main building was closed for most of the week. Even though we were not allowed to go in there, it was awesome because of all the Mission Presidents and General Authorities that came! We were told that we could not approach any, but the prophet and the apostles were on campus with us! Ah!! You could feel their spirit all over. It was amazing! Our service assignment is to clean the building were the seminar was, so we were thinking about how cool it was that we were cleaning the building for the prophet specifically. 😀 We never saw the general authorities except for the broadcast, but that did not take away from our joy. Missionary work is awesome, and I’m so excited for how awesome it will be in Korea!

Korean is still a struggle, but in our last lesson we didn’t use a script, so that is an improvement. It’s hard because I cannot express myself as well in Korean, but I feel like I’m learning the true meaning of faith here. Slowly, very slowly, it is coming. I am very grateful for your prayers in my behalf. I know that they are helping me so much. I know this church is true, and I know that with Heavenly Father all things are possible. Look to him in every thought.


Here are some pictures more pictures that I thought you’d appreciate, like the army of missionaries! Make sure you share the one of me and Heidi! ❤

DSCF0415 DSCF0423 DSCF0430


Pope 가매

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