Sinchon Week 1 – Girl Power!!!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Another transfer! Woot! ^^ So I’m sure you’re all so anxious to find out where I am and with who I am, so I guess I’ll stop beating around the bush to tell you. ^^ I’m still in the 신촌 area (I wasn’t surprised about that) but I moved into the new apartment there! It’s sooooo much nicer than our other one– It’s bigger because at the end of the transfer it will be a 4 sister house, and it has a pretty rock garden! I don’t have pictures because the transfer was on Saturday and we were so busy just trying to move and unpack. I’ll send them next week!

I also have two wonderful new companions! I love Sis. Lawrence so much! She is a really old missionary -she’s been here 16 months- and she has lots of experience, for which I am grateful for. ^^ She is from Utah and she is currently in Law School at BYU, and she is amazing. Our other companion is a brand new missionary- Sis. Yoon! She is Korean, and absolutely adorable. Again, I will have pictures of the three of us next time. I can tell we will have a great transfer! ^^

So the awesome thing is that in 신촌 we now have FIVE sisters and FOUR elders. What!? How crazy is that?? Sis. White and Sis. Thomas (also a new missionary) are a wonderful addition to our district. ^^ This transfer had 17 new missionaries– 11 sisters and 6 elders. Usually they start with the sisters to find out their new companion, but we started with the elders because there weren’t as many. ^^ Sister Power! But I would be extremely worried if we didn’t have elders. They are so important to the work too.

It’s already starting out really well. Yesterday we had two member present lessons, and we have more appointments lined up for this next week! ^^ It’s getting colder out here, so it’s nice to have three so we can huddle together for warmth. ^^ I’m so excited for this transfer!!

If you want to send a Christmas package, you should do it now because it takes so long to get here. If it’s too expensive, a card would be lovely. ^^

I love you all so much! Thank you again for your prayers! I pray for you always!

All my love,

Sis. Jessica Pope

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