Sinchon Week 3 – The Thanksgivi​ng Miracle

Dearest family and friends,

We saw a wonderful miracle this week. We had FOUR of our investigators come to church with us! That is so amazing! And all of them loved it and they want to come again next week!!!!! ^^ One of them was afraid of coming to church because she’s shy, but she told me after Relief Society that she feels like she can come to church now! ^^ AND the other set of sister missionaries brought two of their own investigators, so in all we had six investigators at church!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! ^^ And even better, President and Sis. Christensen spoke in Sacrament meeting, so of course it was awesome. Sis. Christensen doesn’t speak Korean very well, so she spoke in English and had a member translate for her. It was another miracle because one of our investigators doesn’t speak Korean well, and the other sister’s investigators also don’t speak Korean well, so it was a wonderful day in church. ^^

AND after church one of our investigators, Sis. Kim, agreed to start working towards a baptismal date!!!!!!! ^^ It was a great day!! We will continue to do our best to help her draw closer to her Father in Heaven. I’m so happy for her! ^^

So this week is Thanksgiving! Yay!!!! We’re going to be eating with the American families in our ward, and we’re super excited because they work for the government so they have military access. This means we will have American food!!!!!!!!! Oh, I’m so excited!!!!!! ^^ This will be a good week.

Also, This week is my six-month mark on a mission. Personally, I’m like “What? Whatdya mean I only have a year left!? I just got started! I still have so much I need to do!” Seriously, this time is so short. I have to make every moment count and open my mouth all the time, whether I know Korean or not (and most of the time it’s not.) We have to do all we can now because there won’t be time later! I’m rededicating myself to being the best missionary I can be because I only have so long to do it in.

 My prayers go out to all the missionaries that are or were in the Philippines. God knows them and knows exactly where they are and what they need. It is a miracle that ALL of those missionaries are accounted for and safe. They are angels, and I love them so much for what they have done for the Philippines.
Stay strong! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers!
Sis. Jessica Pope
P.S. Here are pictures of me making Kimchi! It’s so messy, and it reminds me of the job I had before my mission.^^
 DSCF5129 DSCF5124

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