Imun Week 11 – Miracles Come by Fath

Dearest Family and Friends,

Things have started to slow down out here, but we seem to be moving as fast as ever, if that makes sense. We’re still teaching lots of Chinese investigators and I still don’t speak any Chinese, but what else is new?^^ I’m really grateful for Sister Teng because she’s always working so hard to help our investigators. It helps me to stay positive even when they cancel on us.^^ Because of that we’ve been talking to lots of people on the street. Sometimes it’s really hard because in Korea there are people called jundosas that go around yelling and people telling them if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ they will go to Hell. They are really kinda scary. One time we were on the subway going to the temple and a jundosa walked down the car yelling and holding up pamphlets about her church. Then she started yelling at a man. O.o It was freaky. This makes it hard for us because most people automatically assume that we’re Jundosas and want to yell at them. As you know, this is not what we do when we talk to people. Our message is that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and through the Book of Mormon we can know them better and know how we can improve our lives and help our families. Our message is a happy message that can bring peace and joy. This is why we go out and talk to people, but when people think you’re a jundosa it’s hard for them to let you get close enough for the Spirit to testify to their heart. It still happens, but we’ve also met a lot of not very nice people. It’s their choice to accept or reject this message, but all we are doing is inviting them to make that choice.

This week was stake conference, and it was really good! I felt the Spirit so strongly, and I was praying so hard that the less active member we brought with us felt the Spirit as well. I think she did.^^ We also had a really cool opportunity to go to the Seoul South mission for a fireside with Elder Nash of the Seventy. We could go only if we brought an investigator, and we were able to bring two Chinese men and a Korean woman. I think it was a really good experience for them, especially the Korean sister. We had a good talk on the way home about why we read the scriptures on the way home, and hopefully she’ll have the desire to start meeting with the missionaries regularly now.^^ One thing that was really awesome is that Elder Nash said that God had a wonderful work that the saints of Korea would be a part of. I believe that with all my heart, and I know that if they have faith miracles can be wrought here in Korea.

I’ve been making a lot of American food lately, and Sister Kim tells me I should open a restaurant in Korea.^^ I’ve really enjoyed sharing all of these recipes with my roommates and companion, so I would love some more easy recipes that I can make for my Korean and Taiwanese and Australian friends!^^ Thanks so much!

I love being a missionary! Even though it’s really hard sometimes, I can see and feel the blessings that come from serving. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity to serve him full-time! Thank you for all your prayers and faith. I can feel it every day! I love you all so much!

Sister Jessica Pope

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