Imun Week 12 – Miracles are happing all around us…

Dear Family and Friends,
What a week! I want to share a miracle story with you:This week had a lot of miracles. Sister Teng got really sick this week, so we didn’t get to go out as much as normal. I became really frustrated because it seems like our Investigators, Recent Converts, and Less Actives are dropping off the face of the earth or going to China. I don’t know what happened but our numbers have suddenly dropped and we are struggling to get new investigators. It’s been hard not to think it was my fault because I can’t speak Korean well or that I’m a bad teacher, and when Sister Teng got sick it meant our chance of picking up new investigators went really down. I called people for hours, but not much came of it. It was really frustrating and I wanted to cry. I took a break from calling and made message cards for people, and Sister Kim saw me struggling and made me a message card. It said “Cheer up! God will give you to a prepared investigator!” It was really sweet and made me feel better. I was trying to just keep the faith that it would all work out.
Later that week we were able to meet with one of our investigators that we had not seen in a long time. She sat down and pulled out her Book of Mormon and Bible and she started talking about how she loved the Book of Mormon. She said it’s so clear and really helps her understand the Bible better! She loves it, and she also likes D&C and wants a copy of that later! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she only had one concern about her family accepting the gospel. I told her that she can help her family by first accepting the gospel herself. She said “Baptism? Yeah!” And I gave the Baptismal Commitment right then and there, and she accepted! I’ve never been able to give the baptismal commitment before, and she has a strong desire to be baptised! We went from not meeting with hardly anyone to a Baptismal date over the course of a week, and it just reminds me that Heavenly Father is looking our for us. He really did “give [me] to a prepared investigator” after the trial of faith. I know that miracles can happen, and there was more to come.
Transfer calls were this week, so I will move to 교문. Just like in 신촌, as soon as someone has a baptismal date I am meant to leave it seems like. I was kind of sad about that, but I knew it was okay because she was going to get baptised and that was enough. We would still be in the same stake, so if it was Heavenly Father’s will maybe I could come back for the baptism. On Sunday I spoke in the branch, and after church one of the members came up to me. Our investigator had recently moved, and he had helped her. He told me that she now lived in 교문 area! That means I can still be a part of her progression, and maybe it will be easier for her to go to 교문 ward! My Heavenly Father has been so good to me!
So I will be going to 교문 with an American companion! I hesitate to spell her name for fear of horribly misspelling it, so I’ll tell you next week.^^ It will be interesting having an American companion after having been so long with Asians, but I’m sure we will work hard and find the people we’re supposed to. I learned a lot in 이문, but I know I still have so much more to learn!
I love you all so much! May God bless you and keep you always!
Lots of love,

Sister Jessica Pope

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