Gyomun Week 3 – A New Plan!


This week was a little rough, but we made it out alive!^^ Heavenly Father has blessed us very much, and we are continually striving to serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

So last week during exchanges I had an idea, and this week we began to implement it. Our member book is not very good and the records haven’t been updated in a long time, so our plan is to update the member book by visiting the less active members and finding out what happened to them, if their addresses are correct, etc. At the same time we will be talking to everyone that God puts in our path. I think this will be very effective because we’re updating the book, visiting less actives, and talking to everyone at the same time. Most of the missionaries here use only one 전도 spot, but our area is huge! I feel like we need to go out into the other areas of our area in order to ” find them that will receive us”.  It will be lots harder because 1) the areas are far away from the church, some almost an hour away! and 2) Both Sister Schillemat and I don’t really know the area that well and have a hard time navigating. I’m just praying that because we have a plan to visit people and talk to everyone that the Lord will bless us as we show our faith by going out to work. I’m ready to work because I know that if we work hard that the Lord will bless us with people to teach. I also pray that Sister Schillemat won’t hate me after this transfer because I’ll have dragged her all over the area and probably will have been lost a lot.^^ She’s really awesome though and seems to be willing to work hard too. I’m really grateful to have her as a companion.

As we’ve tried this plan we have seen quite a few miracles, like meeting people who seem interested in our church that we would never had met if we had only stayed close to the church. I’m looking forward to seeing the hand of the Lord as we invoke the powers of heaven in our missionary work. Next week we have a few appointments, so hopefully by the end of the week we will have some people to teach. It’s really scary because I just know we’ll get majorly lost, but thankfully Heavenly Father has put tons of 부동산s all over Korea. These are real estate places with big maps and the people there generally know the area really well. It’s great because we just go in and ask where this place is and they generally can tell us the area, and we can take a picture with our cameras and find the less active house! Yay! We walk a lot, but when we come home exhausted and account to the Lord for our day it feels good. I hope he is pleased with our efforts.

I’m glad you all enjoyed conference! I am so excited to hear the words of the prophets this next Sunday and have my questions answered. I love the work of the Lord, and I love being a missionary!^^

May God bless you and keep you always! 사랑해요!



Sister Jessica Pope

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