Gyomun Week 4 – With Love and Kindness

Dearest Everyone,

What a week! This week was super busy. We walked all over the place trying to find the less actives in our ward and talking to everyone Heavenly Father placed in our path! Thankfully, Sister Schillemat still doesn’t hate me and we saw some pretty cool miracles! As we were walking a woman asked us if we were Mormon and invited us over to her house! She introduced herself as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and we said we were too! She wants to learn everything that she can about Jesus Christ, so she wanted to read the Book of Mormon! You can learn a whole lot about Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, and we were so excited to meet her! Hopefully she’ll find time in her very busy schedule to meet with us next week!

In other news, Conference was absolutely amazing. It went by way way way to fast though! We had two zones meet together and there was a Korean session and an English session. None of our investigators answered our invitations to come, so we went with the missionaries that serve in 교문 with us. There are 10 missionaries in 교문, by the way.^^ It was so awesome! I loved every single talk, and I received so many answers to my questions and felt the Spirit so strongly! For me, the overall message of conference was that we need to boldly defend our religion, invite everyone to learn about it, and treat those that may oppose us with love and kindness. It is so true!

One experience that I had this week stuck out to me when I heard these messages. One day, as we were in the middle of getting a phone number from someone who was interested in our Free English Class, a lady from another Church came up and started screaming at us and shoving her church pamphlets in our faces. She was screaming “cult/heresy!” over and over and telling this girl a bunch of lies about what we teach. She was very scary and tried to pull this girl away from us. She yelled in my face and brandished her pamphlets, so I took one and said “Thank you” and offered her a copy of the Book of Mormon in return. She jumped away and called the book lies and me a liar as she began to leave. I was super surprised at the words that came out of my mouth next. I waved and said, “Goodbye! I love you!” The look on her face echoed the surprise that I felt as she left. I thought about this later and I realized that even though she was rejecting the words of the Lord in not a very Christlike manner, she was still a daughter of God and he loves her. Even though we know with all our heart that this gospel is true, we need to share it the way Jesus Christ did and does: with love and kindness. Even if it’s hard to do sometimes, our duty is to serve as Christ served. I am so grateful that Heavenly Fahter helped me to show this love when it would be so easy to scream back. I know this chruch is true, and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t, and people who scream that I’m a liar is not going to stop me from trying to share it with as many people as the Lord puts in my path.


I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week, and a beautiful Easter! May God bless you and keep you always!



Sister Jessica Pope


Here’s some pictures of us, and the last two are at Conference!^^

DSCF8022 IMG_0005 DSCF5788 DSCF8020

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