Gyomun Week 9 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi Everyone! Happy Mother’s Day!

I got to talk to my family today, just an hour before getting on here, so maybe I’m just a little teary still… No big deal. That’s what you get when you have a 15 hour time difference! ^^ It was so much fun to talk to them all. I sang “I Often Go Walking” in Korean for them. You can ask them about the recording later, though it probably doesn’t sound too great.^^

On Sunday I got to help out in Primary because they needed a pianist! It was so cute to hear the little Koreans screaming “My Eternal Family”. The more time I spend in Korea the more I find people who are just like my family. In reality, we are not so very different from each other. May 8th was Parent’s Day in Korea. Instead of separating them out, Koreans just celebrate both parents on the same day. They buy their parents carnations to wear and to honor them and give them gifts and sometimes money, but I am to far away and I missed it, so sorry, Mom and Dad!^^ They also have Children’s Day on May 5th (No Cinco de Mayo for us), but that is a day to give gifts to children and celebrate their freedom. I asked the members of our English Class what they children were being free from, but I never got a straight answer. I’m just glad to know that children are free now.^^

We continue to work hard out here in Korea, and we continue to see miracles every day. Some days you have to look just that little bit harder to see them, but every day there are miracles and every day we can see the hand of the Lord in our lives. As my mom talked about in Church on Sunday, I really feel like I am being molded into the person that Heavenly Father needs me to be. Many times it hurts a little because we don’t quite fit the mold yet, but in time we will be able to look back and see how much we’ve grown and the strength that we’ve received from Heavenly Parents who love us and want us to be the best we can be. Our best is all He asks of us, and I know that through the merciful and loving power of the Atonement he will make up the difference when we fall short. We are imperfect, but Heavenly Father has given and/or will give us everything that we need to be successful in this life. Not “successful” as to the ways of the world, but we will be rich with the blessings and knowledge of having a loving Father in Heaven. May you always remember how much you are loved, and I hope you told your mom you love her!^^

May God bless you and keep you always!

Lots of love,

Sister Jessica Pope


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