Gyonum Week 10 – A Week of Miracles!

안녕하세요? 이번주 어땠어요?^^

This week we saw a ton of miracles! We taught one of our English Class members who has been coming to English class for ten years, and we just went straight to baptism. She told us that she knows this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true, and her only concern is that her brother is a pastor. She says her brother “doesn’t touch” her religion, but she feels it would hurt him if she got baptized. We taught her the third lesson and it was so Spirit led! I drew the steps back to Heavenly Father (faith, repentance, baptism,…) and we talked about her personal next step. She knows she needs to get baptized, and we helped her with one of her concerns about not being married by talking about how everyone who didn’t have the opportunity in this life to be baptized will have that opportunity in the next life, but that is also dependent on getting baptized. Sister Schillemat was sharing strong testimony and both of us were lovingly bold and could feel the Korean just come out of us! The Spirit was so strong and we felt so much love for her! We all got a little teary, but we committed her to pray about it because she’s not quite confident yet. We think next time we will teach her about fasting and try and fast with her so that she can get an answer.

Also, when we were on exchanges, our Sister Training Leader and I met a woman who at first thought we were a cult but after talking with her for a while we were able to set up a return appointment. We didn’t get her number, but we went at the appointed time and she was there! That is a HUGE miracle!^^ We went to her house and she fed us and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and we shared the story of Jesus Christ being baptised from the Bible and the explanation about it in the Book of Mormon, She left understanding that we aren’t a cult! The Spirit was there because we had no idea what we were going to say,  and it came out exactly how she needed it! It was so amazing! AND that night we met another woman and using the EXACT same scriptures we explained why we do baptism by immersion. There is so much power when you take something from the bible and put the Book of Mormon next to it and you can see that it is testifying of the same thing! It was such a good week!^^

This church is so true! There were many challenges, but there were also so many blessings (like finding 5$ watermelon when it’s usually 20-26$ here^^). I know that God cares about us and loves us dearly, so he is always waiting and willing to help when we need it! Trust Him and know that he loves you!

I love you so much! You are all so amazing! I pray for you always!


Sister Jessica Pope

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