Gyomun Week 16 – Explosions of Faith

안녕하세요, 가족와 진구들!

This week was interesting, to say the least. We had a minor disruption to our missionary work because our brand new fridge that we have had for two weeks decided to quit while we were out, so a lot of our food spoiled. It was really sad. Cheese is super expensive here, and we lost all of it! ㅠㅠ We had to call our elders and ask them if they had room in their fridge, and they were kind enough to take what we could save. Don’t worry, the office said they would help us and give us some extra money to replace the food we lost, so we’re okay.^^ The funny part of the story is that while we were trying to salvage the food I opened a bottle that I had filled with some Ranch dressing I had made a couple weeks ago (Thanks for the Ranch packets, Mom!) and it EXPLODED. Seriously, there was rancid ranch all over the walls, and the celing, and me… *sigh* It was pretty gross. Yuck!

But other than that, it was missionary work as usual. Our investigator with a baptismal date is doing so well! She agreed to live the Word of Wisdom and she’ll come to church next week, and it’s just been a joy to watch her progress in the gospel! She’s so good!! I just know that she’ll be ready to enter the waters of baptism this month! She’s so amazing! Thank you all for your prayers. I know they’re being felt! We also met with the investigators that called from the card last week and we taught them the restoration, and they accepted it well. It was really hard to meet with our investigators this week, which was a bit of a disapointment from last week, but we are still working as hard as we can. I know that we can and will see more miracles in the next coming weeks!

Another fun story is that one of our members is so intent on one of her son’s friends joining the church. She commited US to fast and pray for him and has kept checking up on us and making sure we’re contacting the elders about it so that it will happen. He came to church last Sunday and the elders met with him and gave him a Book of Mormon! We love her faith and we hope that all the members have that kind of faith! Miracles can and do happen!

I’m so grateful for all the love and support from all of you. I love you all so much and I hope you know that Heavenly Father loves you too! Miracles can and do happen! Have faith and be strong!

Love you all!

Sister Jessica Pope


Gyomun Week 15 – There Shall Not Be Room Enough To Recieve Them

Hi, Everyone!
Happy Birthday to my sister, Ashley! Love ya!

This week was so cool! Wow! This week was filled with miracles. We found FOUR new investigators this week! The first one we found because a Less Active member from a different ward brought her friend to the church and then called us to let them know they were there. We raced over as fast as we could and gave them a tour of the church and taught half of the Restoration! It was so cool! She seems mildly interested, at least. Hopefully we can help her progress, and hopefully help out the less active member too! When I taught about the first vision, this member said it reminded her of when she first heard it and that she felt the Spirit so strongly! I’m praying for them!

The rest of them was just as miraculous. A woman called from a card I had given her, and we met and she brought two of her friends. We didn’t know what to expect, but, suspecting they were going to tag team bible bash us, we studied how to teach about the Book of Mormon to them. Turns out they didn’t want to bible bash with us and they asked a lot of good questions! Like, “What doctrine do you believe?” and things like that. It was so exciting! And she called us today, so we’re going to meet them again on Thursday!^^ Yay!!

We also had another less active randomly come to church a couple weeks ago and I was able to talk with her. She lives close to the church and she wanted to start coming again. This week she came again and she told Sister Jung that she wants to go to the temple! We’ll meet her this week too! AND another Less Active that we have been trying to contact for two transfers now was home when we came and we have an appointment with her!

I feel like the fruit of all the hard work we did these last two transfers have finally started to show. We have enough people to visit now that we are just trying to keep up with the blessings that Heavenly Father has given us this week… I could cry for joy!

I have a deepened testimony that if we have the faith and go out work, Heavenly Father will bless us “that there shall not be room enough to recieve it.” I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and loves us so much! Through Him we can have the power to see and work miracles! I know this is true!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 사랑해요! Remember to look for the miracles!


Sister Jessica Pope

Gyomun Week 14 – McGyver it!

Hi Everyone!

So this week was kinda interesting. One of the blessings is that one of our investigators is progressing towards baptism! We didn’t think she’d be able to come to church this Sunday, but she had work off and she came! The lesson was on Baptism, and the elder’s investigator got confirmed during Sacrament meeting! She said to us “Oh, that sounds so nice!” ^^ I am so excited for her and I pray that we can help her on the path that leads back to Heavenly Father!^^

My new companion, Sister Jeong, is super sweet. She has super strong faith and wants to work hard, and I’m really grateful that I get to serve with her. She’s so awesome! We’re going to work hard and hopefully see some miracles this transfer! I’m living in an apartment with three Korean speakers, so I guess it’s time to SYL (Speak Your Language) all the time now. They were speaking Korean yesterday and I broke in in English and it felt like I disrupted the flow of things… I felt kinda awkward, though they all understood what I said. No more English now! I’m a Korean, right?^^ Sometimes I forget that I’m white and then I look in the mirror… *sigh* Oh well. Foreigner power! ^^

I also felt like a mom this week. I’ve been mending clothes, cooking, and did quite a bit of home maintenance. I’ve re-screwed the legs of our table on, took the initiative of fixing our purified water (we had to call the plumber. That kind of vocabulary is beyond me, so I’m grateful for our Korean sisters), climbed up to change our light bulbs that have burned out, and Tomorrow we’ll probably be getting a new refrigerator, so we’ll have to clean ours out today. O.o Our house seems to be falling apart. The Korean sisters were very impressed with my “skills” though. They called me a McGyver, and I laughed.^^ On top of that we did our normal missionary work… Needless to say, this week I was pretty tired, but I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I have to serve! I love being a missionary so much!

I love you all, and I hope that this week goes well. Shout out to Aunt Kristie and my new Uncle Adrian! They’re getting married in the temple, everyone!^^ I’m so excited for you too!

May God bless you and keep you always

DSCF8483(1) DSCF8388s,


Sister Jessica Pope
P.S. we made Pizza this week. So yummy!^^

Gyomun Week 13 – Miracles and Transfers

사랑하는 Everyone!

We had a great week! It was busy. We Taught a new investigator for the first time last week, and this week we were able to teach her twice! She was a 소개 from the elders because she cut their hair one P-Day. She is English interest, so we taught the Family English Program, but when we taught the gospel she seems so interested! We taught her the Restoration in the first visit, and then we watched the Restoration DVD the second time and I was just praying so hard that she would feel the Spirit! We decided to have more faith this time around and gave the soft baptismal commitment the first time, and the hard the second time. She said yes and she has a date for July 5th! We are so excited for her! She has a Word of Wisdom problem and she works on Sundays, but we prayed with her that she would be able to talk to her manager about it. She hasn’t yet, but on Sunday she didn’t have work so she came to church! It was a huge miracle, and Angela came so we had two investigators at church! I’m so happy!!!!

Also! We had transfer calls this week. Sister Schillemat is leaving for bigger and better things, and my new companion is Korean! What!? Another Korean, you say? Well, actually, she has Korean parents but she grew up in America, so she speaks English and Korean (the lucky duck). Her name is Sister Jeong, but don’t get her confused with my trainer.^^ She actually started her mission in California because of visa problems, and we’ve said hello in passing once or twice, so we’re going to have so much fun this next transfer! I’m super excited!

Shout out to my Sister Brittany! Happy Graduation! Your hair is super long now! O.o Another Shout out to my sister Lizzie! Happy Birthday, Sis!

We continue to see many miracles and we’re trying to help our investigators progress towards baptism! Our ward is so cool, and I love them all so much! We’re working hard and praying hard and trying to speak Korean every day. I don’t know about the last one, but I think we’re getting better and better every day too!^^

Love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! Have faith, because that’s how the miracles happen! 사랑해요!


Sister Jessica Pope

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Gyonum Week 12 – Elder Cook in Seoul!

Hiya Everyone!

What a week! It was sooo good!!!! We had a combined Mission Conference with the Seoul South mission, and that only happens when someone exciting comes. Elder Quentin L. Cook from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to us on Saturday! How amazing is that??^^ We decided to come early because 1) Sister Schillemat was singing in the Musical Number and needed to practice, and 2) we wanted to get good seats for the meeting. Because she was singing, I got to sit pretty close to the front.^^ I was on the inside of the 2nd row, right in front of the podium! We were all super excited. He came in, and we all stood up and the Spirit was so strong! He wanted to shake all 400+ of the missionaries hands. Sister Schillemat was so excited because she got to be the first one to shake his hand. I was a little later, but it was so special! When I took his hand and he looked into my eyes (our spiritual interview, he said) my heart seriously leaped up and I knew he was a true apostle of God. The Spirit testified that he was one of Heavenly Father’s servants on the earth today, and what he was going to say was true. He brought so much love with him! That moment was very short, but oh my goodness it was powerful. The Church is so true!

He taught a lot of what our mission needed to hear, I think. I love what he said about how he feels when he is assigning missions to future missionaries. He says he gets a feeling that a particular missionary needs to learn from a specific mission president, or the missionary needs to go to a specific people to help them, or every once in a while they go to a land and language that will give them experience to build the kingdom of God both during and after their mission. He said that probably most of them are to go to a specific mission president, wherever they are. But whatever the reason, he impressed upon us that there is no mistake in our call. We are called where we need to be for a reason. I know this is true with all my heart, especially since I’m now a year old in the mission field. My mission has been so hard, but I know without a doubt that this is where I need to be. I love my mission so much!

I love Sister Cook too. She is probably my most favorite Apostle’s wife that I’ve ever met.^^ She is so cute and teaches with such a deep love for the gospel. Someday I want to be like that too.

I want to wish a Happy Graduation to my sister Brittany! You’re so old! O.o Way to go, sis! You’ll be awesome!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! The Church is true! Just read the Book of Mormon if you have any doubt. The answers you are looking for are in there if you look for them! I love you all so much!

Lots of Love,

Sister Jessica Pope
“To bring the world His Truth”