Gyomun Week 13 – Miracles and Transfers

사랑하는 Everyone!

We had a great week! It was busy. We Taught a new investigator for the first time last week, and this week we were able to teach her twice! She was a 소개 from the elders because she cut their hair one P-Day. She is English interest, so we taught the Family English Program, but when we taught the gospel she seems so interested! We taught her the Restoration in the first visit, and then we watched the Restoration DVD the second time and I was just praying so hard that she would feel the Spirit! We decided to have more faith this time around and gave the soft baptismal commitment the first time, and the hard the second time. She said yes and she has a date for July 5th! We are so excited for her! She has a Word of Wisdom problem and she works on Sundays, but we prayed with her that she would be able to talk to her manager about it. She hasn’t yet, but on Sunday she didn’t have work so she came to church! It was a huge miracle, and Angela came so we had two investigators at church! I’m so happy!!!!

Also! We had transfer calls this week. Sister Schillemat is leaving for bigger and better things, and my new companion is Korean! What!? Another Korean, you say? Well, actually, she has Korean parents but she grew up in America, so she speaks English and Korean (the lucky duck). Her name is Sister Jeong, but don’t get her confused with my trainer.^^ She actually started her mission in California because of visa problems, and we’ve said hello in passing once or twice, so we’re going to have so much fun this next transfer! I’m super excited!

Shout out to my Sister Brittany! Happy Graduation! Your hair is super long now! O.o Another Shout out to my sister Lizzie! Happy Birthday, Sis!

We continue to see many miracles and we’re trying to help our investigators progress towards baptism! Our ward is so cool, and I love them all so much! We’re working hard and praying hard and trying to speak Korean every day. I don’t know about the last one, but I think we’re getting better and better every day too!^^

Love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! Have faith, because that’s how the miracles happen! 사랑해요!


Sister Jessica Pope

DSCF8374 DSCF8351 DSCF8386

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