Gyomun Week 16 – Explosions of Faith

안녕하세요, 가족와 진구들!

This week was interesting, to say the least. We had a minor disruption to our missionary work because our brand new fridge that we have had for two weeks decided to quit while we were out, so a lot of our food spoiled. It was really sad. Cheese is super expensive here, and we lost all of it! ㅠㅠ We had to call our elders and ask them if they had room in their fridge, and they were kind enough to take what we could save. Don’t worry, the office said they would help us and give us some extra money to replace the food we lost, so we’re okay.^^ The funny part of the story is that while we were trying to salvage the food I opened a bottle that I had filled with some Ranch dressing I had made a couple weeks ago (Thanks for the Ranch packets, Mom!) and it EXPLODED. Seriously, there was rancid ranch all over the walls, and the celing, and me… *sigh* It was pretty gross. Yuck!

But other than that, it was missionary work as usual. Our investigator with a baptismal date is doing so well! She agreed to live the Word of Wisdom and she’ll come to church next week, and it’s just been a joy to watch her progress in the gospel! She’s so good!! I just know that she’ll be ready to enter the waters of baptism this month! She’s so amazing! Thank you all for your prayers. I know they’re being felt! We also met with the investigators that called from the card last week and we taught them the restoration, and they accepted it well. It was really hard to meet with our investigators this week, which was a bit of a disapointment from last week, but we are still working as hard as we can. I know that we can and will see more miracles in the next coming weeks!

Another fun story is that one of our members is so intent on one of her son’s friends joining the church. She commited US to fast and pray for him and has kept checking up on us and making sure we’re contacting the elders about it so that it will happen. He came to church last Sunday and the elders met with him and gave him a Book of Mormon! We love her faith and we hope that all the members have that kind of faith! Miracles can and do happen!

I’m so grateful for all the love and support from all of you. I love you all so much and I hope you know that Heavenly Father loves you too! Miracles can and do happen! Have faith and be strong!

Love you all!

Sister Jessica Pope

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