Gyomun Week 17 – All Can Be Made Right

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week is already gone?! I feel like I say that every week. They go so fast and now they seem to be picking up speed!

Taehe was confirmed this week in sacrament meeting! It was so amazing! She is so good!^^ In Sunday School she gave a great answer about how to keep the Sabbath day holy, and Sister Jung and I smiled because that was something we had be teaching her about recently! It was so exciting!

Another crazy thing is that we suddenly got a call on Saturday from a district leader in a different zone requesting Sister Jung to play the violin at the baptism that would be held the next day. She didn’t have a violin here, so the bishop of the ward drove all the way out to us to bring her a violin. When he got here he explained why they were going through all this trouble for us to play at their baptismal service. You see, the woman who was getting baptised is very very sick and is in the hospital. The sister missionaries had been teaching her and she really wanted to be baptised! She had such a strong desire to follow the Savior, but the actual ordinance of baptism might actually kill her because she is so sick. When the sisters told the bishop this, he said “If she wants to get baptised, we ought to let her!” and so they put together the best baptismal service they could, and that meant calling in other missionaries to play the violin at the service. Knowing that, Sister Jung and I (I ended up playing the piano, by the way) practiced as best we could in the short amount of time that we had.

The next day I looked at the woman getting baptized. She looked so small and frail in her white jumpsuit. They were hurrying around trying to make it the most safe baptism for her. There was so much love put into this baptismal service, and you could feel the Spirit radiating from everyone! She was baptised and confirmed, and then they asked us to play. We played “Consider the Lilies”, and at the end I looked at this faithful woman again, and she was sobbing. Actually, everyone was crying and the love in the room was just overpowering. This woman probably will not live much longer, but she decided that following the Savior was more important than her own life. I know that she will be blessed for her sacrifice and later she will have a perfect body with no sickness or ailment. She will live again, and she will feel the joy that comes from following the Savior and making and keeping covenants! Through the power of the Atonement everything that is unfair about this life will be made right, and the Atonement has played a huge role in this faithful woman’s life.

This week was so busy, but I am so grateful that I get to share this wonderful message of love and peace with the people of Korea. Heavenly Father loves each one of us and he wants us to be happy, and he has provided a way for us to feel that happiness even when the world tells us that we should be sad. Trials can be overcome, and pain does not last. Through the Atonement all can be made right.

I know this is true, and I love all of you very much! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Jessica Pope

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