Gyomun Week 19 – The Miracle of Cookies

안녕하세요 Everyone!

This week was sooo busy because everyone knew Sister Jung was leaving. I don’t know if you know this, but Koreans love to feed people, so we literally have had a meal appointment for lunch AND dinner every day for the past couple days. In case you were worried, we did not starve this week, Mom.^^ So this week we focused a lot on the members and how we could help them as well as meeting with our investigators and recent converts!

One cool miracle happened when we were doing some call time. We called a name on our phone, and it turned out to be a man (Ah! A man! O.o I’m getting better at recognizing male and female names though. That’s a plus.^^) and we told him we were new missionaries and asked when was the last time he met the missionaries (assuming he was a potential investigator). He basically said, “Yeah, I can meet any time on Tuesday. What time is good?”. We were so surprised and set up an appointment and called the other elders about it! He called the next day and told us that the last time he met the missionaries he was going through a hard time and the missionaries read the Book of Mormon with him. Now he’s having another hard time and then we called! We were going through our member book later and we realized that this was a less-active member, but it was still a miracle and we’ll meet him tomorrow! Although I’m a little nervous because I don’t talk to men much…

Anyway, another miracle this week was that a member had a great idea for us to teach her daughter’s non-member friends how to make cookies in the hopes that they’ll become more comfortable with us and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think it was a huge success, and the youth had fun and we made yummy Snickerdoodles (my signature cookie^^) and then we shared a spiritual message at the end! I think they like us, and they asked when we’d be able to do it again. We’re praying that they’ll have good experiences with us and that we’ll be able to introduce them to gospel and why it’s important! In the meantime, if anyone has some fun and easy recipes, I’d love your help! Please send your favorites! Thanks!

We had transfer calls this week! My new companion is an American! Her name is Sister Tolley, and I’m excited to work with her! She’s super cute!^^ I know that we’ll be able to work hard and do what the Lord wants us to this transfer. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and love! It is greatly needed and felt! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Jessica Pope

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