Gyomun Week 21 – Missionari​es Sang As They Walked, and Walked, and Walked, and Walked…


Dearest family and friends,

Happy one-year-in-country mark! I had to renew my foreigner card last week… I’m so old!ㅠㅠ

This week was exhausting because I feel like we walked all over our area. We’re on a secret mission (that really isn’t much of a secret) to find a new spot to contact people, so we’re doing travel contacting as we look for places with a lot of people. We always come home tired, but it makes me feel good when we talk to people. This is what being a missionary is all about!^^

We met with an American woman this week, and it was really different. Both Sister Tolley and I have realized that we are super awkward. We need to do some more role play I guess so that we can be more natural and not have to try and translate what we normally say in Korean into English… Fun times!^^

I finally fixed our AC and it’s been wonderful! It’s been so great to come home and turn it on when it’s sooooo hot and humid outside. I used to just sleep with the fan directly on my face but now we have the AC AND the fan, so it’s pretty awesome.^^ Gotta love that humidity!^^

So this week was a lot of walking and heat, but we have seen many miracles. I am so grateful that I get to serve in Korea and the people! Some days are really hard and I feel so inadequate, but I know that everything is counted for in Heaven and as long as I keep trying I don’t have anything to fear. The Spirit is with us so we cannot fail. All we have to do is try!

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! Thank you for your loving prayers. They are felt and needed.^^


Sister Jessica Pope

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