Gyomun Week 23 – How Can We Make English Class Better?

Dearest Everyone,

This week just flew by. I can’t believe it! It started with us trying to finish the Streetboard I talked about last week. Our goal was to have it finished by District Meeting and surprise everyone because only the other sisters knew we had made it.^^ Our plan was to wait until we talked about how to get more investigators and the streetboard idea and then say “Well, we have some ideas” and then bring out the finished board.^^ We did just that, and the elders were so surprised!^^ Now we just need to put it in action! Woot!
We also picked up a new investigator this week. Her name is Kacie, and she is an American! We don’t have much experience teaching in English, so it was a little odd for us, but it went okay! We actually met her twice this last week! We are trying to help her have a belief in God. I think that she has been so prepared by coming to Korea. It’s here that she’s opened herself up to the idea of God, and now we’re trying to help her understand that He really does care and He loves her so much! Now that I can understand everything that is going on in the conversation I can better see how the gospel really can help us in every aspect of our lives! I know this is true!
I also helped out with the children’s section of English Class when I went on exchange. One of the elders was struggling so hard to keep them entertained, so I made up a story and drew pictures to help them stay focused. I also made up a new game when they started getting bored. It was tough, but I think it worked. One of the student’s in that section is an older special needs girl, and when they asked “How can we make English class better?” she called out “Sister Pope!”^^ She was so cute!
In other news, tomorrow is my companion’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Sister Tolley!^^ We’ll celebrate by sharing the gospel with others. What a great birthday!^^
Thank you for all your prayers and love. I’m so grateful for your faith! It’s so needed!
I love you all!
Sister Jessica Pope


This is our board and the book that I made. The title of the board is “How are the Book of Mormon and the Bible similar?” and then you can open the Book of Mormon and learn about the Restoration, and open the Bible and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.^^ It took forever! I made the Bible one, by the way.^^
신앙- faith
회개- repentance
침례- baptism
성신의 은사- gift of the Holy Ghost
끗까지 경딤- endure to the end
예수 그리스도- Jesus Christ
속죄- Atonement
DSCF8620 DSCF8628 DSCF8627 DSCF8626 DSCF8625

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