Gyomun Week 28 – Temple Day!

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week we saw so many miracles! The biggest one was that we were able to go with Tae Hee, our Recent Convert, to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead with her! She had done a lot of Family History work for it, and the members helped her and went with her and we were there to cheer her on! She did eight family names! She is so amazing and so prepared! I’m so grateful that I was blessed to be able to see her progress like this. She’s getting to the point where she doesn’t need us to help her along anymore because she knows enough and the ward is doing the rest. I feel so blessed to be able to know her!

Sister Tolley and I were so excited that we got to do baptisms for the dead too. We each ended up doing THIRTY names each! It was hard because the font is small and the brother doing the baptisms was short and I’m not, so I did my best to help him. I’ve never done so many names at one time because in Utah you do about five or ten, but out here it’s normal to do about thirty. It was so awesome!

AND because it was ward temple day the members asked us to stay and do a session with them. We called and got permission, so we had the chance to go to a temple session in Korean! It was a little hard, but it was a wonderful experience! I learn so much from the temple every time I get to go! The church is so true!!!

And yesterday we went with a member to visit some less-active members after church. We planned to visit one man and his family that no one knew and the address didn’t show up on our map or the member’s GPS, but we decided to try anyway. We drove an hour away, just praying that we would find this family, and we found the apartment AND they let us in! This less-active family was so nice and they still like the church. The two daugthers have not been baptised, and they told us that we could teach them the gospel before we could even ask! I think the father still knows it’s true. He just needs to be reminded about it. His parents are temple workers, and we met them in the temple when we went with our Recent Convert.

In other news, we were trying to visit a potential investigator and we were traveling by bus. I got up and told Sister Tolley we were getting off, but she didn’t make it off the bus! The bus started to drive away, and we just looked at each other as the doors closed. I started laughing so hard! I wasn’t too worried because I knew the next bus stop was only down the street and I saw the bus the entire time, but it was so funny! She kinda hung her head when we met up again and said it was so weird to be alone like that. I told her she better have enjoyed it because it’s not going to happen again until she goes home.^^ But she’s right. It was super weird to be alone like that, even for two minutes.

I feel so blessed! I’m so grateful to be a missionary and that we were able to go to the temple this week! Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much! This is the Lord’s work, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I love you all so much! I pray for you always!

Sister Jessica Pope


I don’t have a picture with our Recent Convert, but this is us at the temple. So fun!

DSCF8812  DSCF8811

This is Henry. We see him every day as we go to the church, and we always say hi. The only problem is that after having watched him for several weeks, we’re thinking maybe Henry is a girl. O.o



Gyomun Week 27 – Our Loving Father in Heaven

Dear Family and Friends,

The first part of this week was pretty slow because of Chusok, but it was good! We ended up having a meal appointment every day for the holiday, and one of them was a family that had less-active members. We talked about the temple, and they said they wanted to go to the temple soon! It was awesome!

We also planned with a member to invite our recent convert and a potential investigator to a Family Home Evening and we had an activity and taught a short lesson. The elders who came with us gave the potential investigator a copy of the Book of Mormon. The elders will probably meet this investigator next Sunday. Then our Recent Convert talked with the member about the family history work she was doing, and they’ll meet together to work on Family History!! It was so awesome! It was a little hard to do, but we taught a less-active, a recent convert, and a potential investigator all in the same Family Home Evening. I think I would call that a success!

We had three lessons in one day this last week! One was a woman I talked to on the train and I gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. The next was our investigator that we met at her house. Then we were streetboarding and taught a lesson in front of the Subway station. It was a huge miracle! The sad part is that the woman I talked to on the train left the Book of Mormon on a Mountain trail later, and someone found the book and called to return it. These people gave us their address, so we plan to reffer them to the missionaries in Seoul and hopefully they’ll end up being new investigators! That would be an awesome conversion story, don’t you think?^^

A formor investigator called us this week asking me why some people were born and died happy, and some were born and died unhappy. I told her how much God loved her and wants her to be happy. Through Christ we can become happy, no matter the situation. We made a return appointment with her next week, and I’m praying to have the spirit with us so that we can say what Heavenly Father wants her to hear! I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to meet her and help her realize that God really does love and care about her!

This week was busy and we saw so many miracles! I just have to keep up with them all! I’m so grateful for our loving Father in Heaven who loves us so much and wants to help us become the best we can be. When we know that God loves us it can give us so much strength to push through the hard times! I know this church is true, and I know that when we rely on God he will help us. I know by experience this works. This is a happy church!^^

I love you so much! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you for your prayers!

Sister Jessica Pope

Gyomun Week 26 – Happy Chusok!

Happy Chusok, Everyone!

Today is one of the biggest holiday’s in Korea: Chusok. It’s kind of like Thanksgiving, and everyone is with their families and hardly anyone is on the streets. We’re not allowed to call people or knock on people’s doors during this three day holiday.But we’ll stay busy though! Today is cleaning day, so as soon as we finish email we’re going straight home and clean our entire apartment top to bottom and then we were blessed to have a dinner appointment tonight. 재미겠어요! That will be fun!^^ And then tomorrow we will have P-Day so we can buy food and do the things we need to! No one is on the streets during Chusok, and on Monday most places aren’t even open so we can’t buy food today. But don’t worry, we’ll have food tomorrow.^^

On Saturday we had Chusok Conference. It was the very last mission conference they’ll ever have because it costs too much to get all the missionaries together. Just bringing the countryside missionaries in costs about 1,000$! So it was the last one. It was also my very last conference as a missionary. ㅠㅠ Time is going by so fast!

Chusok conference is special because you can wear traditional Korean clothing to it! So many missionaries wore hanbok, the traditional clothes! I was able to buy some and I wore them at the conference. I’ll send some pictures!

The conference talked all about Revelation through Prayer, and how special it is that we have the opportunity to speak directly with our Father in Heaven. Heavenly Father loves us so much, and just like our own father wants to hear from us, our loving Father in Heaven wants to hear from us and cares about us. Prayer opens the door for Him to let you know how much He loves you, and if we pray in faith He always always always will answer our prayers! Some of the most spiritual moments I’ve had as a missionary happened during or after I knelt in prayer on behalf of His children. He really does love each and every one of us, and I’m so grateful that we can know that when we pray to Him!

Thank you so much for your prayers and love. I pray for you too.^^ I hope you all have a wonderful Chusok!

And a Happy Birthday to Grandma Pope! I love you so much!

You are all amazing! 화이팅!

Sister Jessica Pope


DSCF8779 DSCF8762 DSCF8765 DSCF8759

Gyomun Week 25 – Transfer Calls and Parables

Dear Everybody,

This week we did a lot for the missionary activity the ward had. It was to introduce the church to a bunch of people, so we talked to as many people as we could and invited the members to invite their friends and aquaintences, and we hoped and prayed that people would show up. Two of our investigators came! It was amazing! And they both felt so welcome by the ward and they had fun and I think they’ll want to come again sometime. Our 10 year old investigator told another missionary that she wants to get baptised. We’re trying to help her mom because we need permission for her to be baptised! Hopefully this transfer we can, but we need the member’s help for that, and lots of faith!

Transfer calls were this week, and I’m staying with Sister Tolley for another transfer! Woot! I’m pretty sure I’m going to end my mission in Gyomun now, but we don’t know for sure. At any rate, I’m glad I get to stay because there are lots of things I still need to do here! This week we were able to find a new place to contact people and the people are so much nicer! We are on a secret quest to find as many new places to contact people as we can, and I’ve got a plan on how to do that. I’m looking for places on our map and then we test them out. Hopefully we’ll be able to find three or four before the transfer gets out!

Now for The Second Parable of the Streetboard:

So after we made the first streetboard and fixed it with pictures of the Savior, we realized and were told that even after all of that work the title was misspelled. ㅠㅠ So we had to start all over with a new board and re-attach the books to it. This time we managed to get the lamination paper to go on well, and it looked a million times better! This time the pictures of the Savior enhanced the board and made it look beautiful.

Likening this again to the Atonement, sometimes after all you can do, the Holy Ghost whispers that you need to confess and repent. Sometimes that means tearing all of the bad parts off and starting over completely fresh. Repentance is beautiful, and I’m so grateful for the power of the Atonement.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! For those of you starting school, 화이팅! Good luck to you, and I pray for you always! You are amazing!

Sister Jessica Pope

DSCF8712 DSCF8713 DSCF8709