The Missionary

By Sister Jessica Pope
Korea Seoul Mission
May 2013 – November 2014
For posterity

[1 Week]

The Lord called out “Whom shall I send?”
when we all met together here
and thousands shouted “Here am I,
send me and I will not fear.”

My voice was one among the crowd
and I answered the call that day,
but never did I think the Lord
would send me here and in this way.

The days are long and I am weak
and I pray for the strength to do
the work my God would ask of me
and with exact obedience too.

[2 months]

Now is the time and here the place
to test our faith and trust the Lord.
We have prepared, now out we go
to share His love and teach His word.

we have the light of God’s pure love
and are striving to keep it bright,
but there are children who know none
so we are called to shine the light.

I do not know what I will say
or what to do or where to go;
The Spirit prompts, and so I speak
the only words I can: “I know.”

[6 Months]

I testify that God does know
exactly where we need to be
to grow in grace and mind and heart
to share this joy with all we see.

For when we speak we trust that God
will fill us with the words we need.
His gifts are real; His trust is sure.
We go and find His lambs to feed.

And though at times I, stumbling, fall
His angels lift my trembling heart,
for love is found where ‘ere you go
in every language, worlds apart.

[1  year]

With each new person that I meet
I learn more of the love of God,
of how to teach the way Christ taught
and help them find the path He trod.

I love so deeply as I go
it hurts when others turn and run;
though I may wish a different way,
my heart exclaims “Thy will be done.”

When it is hard, we still will go,
still searching for the one prepared.
The witness after trail of faith,
we speak until the truth is shared.


[18 Months]

The Lord called out “Whom shall I send?”
and we answered the call to serve,
to give our all, to do the right
and hold nothing back in reserve.

I tried to do all that I could
and there is nothing left to give.
I pray He will accept my gift
for He said “loose thy life, and live.”

I cannot bear to leave this place,
but my joy is filled to the brim
for when I love the people here,
I am really just loving Him.