Sinchon Week 4 – Families are Forever!

Dear friends and family,

Geez, I cried reading every one of your emails. You all are so spiritually minded! Thank you for your wonderful examples and testimonies.

I was so grateful for Thanksgiving! We had dinner with the Filmores, and it was wonderful! They had all the traditional food, which we were so grateful for because they don’t exist here in Korea. Lots of Koreans don’t even know what turkey tastes like! Sis. Yoon had tried it before and didn’t like it, but when she tried Thanksgiving turkey… ^^ She really likes turkey now. She does not, however, like pumpkin pie. She tried some of mine and I asked her (in Korean) “Is it delicious?” and she nodded, and then shuddered. ^^ She is so silly! They had stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and yams and all the good stuff. They had RANCH dressing for the salad! Ranch doesn’t exist in Korea! *sob* When we saw the meal we almost cried because it looked so good.^^ The Filmores are some of my favorite people.^^ It was a great Thanksgiving, and we seriously ate and ate until we were sick because we wouldn’t be getting any more for a long time. It was sooooo good! And they gave us leftovers… *sob* We were so happy! ^^

Today is going to be really special because we’re going to a Korean palace with one of our investigators. I’m so excited to see it, but I’m more excited because afterward we’re going to visit the Lord’s palace, a.k.a the temple.^^ We’re going to talk about how much the Lord loves her, and how we can be with our families forever. We are not perfect, but the Lord has created a way for us to repent and change when we make a mistake. He always is ready to welcome us back with open arms if we choose to come back to him, and he can help us get rid of those habits and thoughts that keep us from being truly happy.

Today we studied a lot about eternal families. I am so grateful for my family and the love and support that they give me! The family is so important because it is in our families that we learn and grow the best. They help prepare us for the world and to prepare to meet God, and what we learn in the home can shape our future, for the better or for the worse. I have seen this effect on the people we talk to time and time again, and it is heartbreaking to hear of the hurt that comes when family is not a high priority. It makes such a difference to have a support system at home to support throughout our lives. It’s heartbreaking to see someone distance themselves from that support system.

I know that the family is so important to God’s plan. We are giving our families for a reason, and we’re going to be with them forever! I am so blessed to have this knowledge! May God bless you and your family always! Love you lots!


Sis. Jessica Pope
“To bring the world His Truth”


Sinchon Week 3 – The Thanksgivi​ng Miracle

Dearest family and friends,

We saw a wonderful miracle this week. We had FOUR of our investigators come to church with us! That is so amazing! And all of them loved it and they want to come again next week!!!!! ^^ One of them was afraid of coming to church because she’s shy, but she told me after Relief Society that she feels like she can come to church now! ^^ AND the other set of sister missionaries brought two of their own investigators, so in all we had six investigators at church!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! ^^ And even better, President and Sis. Christensen spoke in Sacrament meeting, so of course it was awesome. Sis. Christensen doesn’t speak Korean very well, so she spoke in English and had a member translate for her. It was another miracle because one of our investigators doesn’t speak Korean well, and the other sister’s investigators also don’t speak Korean well, so it was a wonderful day in church. ^^

AND after church one of our investigators, Sis. Kim, agreed to start working towards a baptismal date!!!!!!! ^^ It was a great day!! We will continue to do our best to help her draw closer to her Father in Heaven. I’m so happy for her! ^^

So this week is Thanksgiving! Yay!!!! We’re going to be eating with the American families in our ward, and we’re super excited because they work for the government so they have military access. This means we will have American food!!!!!!!!! Oh, I’m so excited!!!!!! ^^ This will be a good week.

Also, This week is my six-month mark on a mission. Personally, I’m like “What? Whatdya mean I only have a year left!? I just got started! I still have so much I need to do!” Seriously, this time is so short. I have to make every moment count and open my mouth all the time, whether I know Korean or not (and most of the time it’s not.) We have to do all we can now because there won’t be time later! I’m rededicating myself to being the best missionary I can be because I only have so long to do it in.

 My prayers go out to all the missionaries that are or were in the Philippines. God knows them and knows exactly where they are and what they need. It is a miracle that ALL of those missionaries are accounted for and safe. They are angels, and I love them so much for what they have done for the Philippines.
Stay strong! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers!
Sis. Jessica Pope
P.S. Here are pictures of me making Kimchi! It’s so messy, and it reminds me of the job I had before my mission.^^
 DSCF5129 DSCF5124

Sinchon Week 2 – Every Member a Missionary

My dear family and friends,

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful week! We had Mission Conference, and two General Authorities spoke! ^^ Elder Whiting is new to the Quorum of the Seventy last year, and Elder Evans is the executive director of missionaries, or something like that. It was really special to hear from them because Elder Evans is so involved in missionary work! He talked a lot about what we needed to hear. I loved what he said about the Lord giving revelation line upon line in regards to Pres. Monson lowering the missionary age. It’s so awesome! Something like the missionary age being lowered –> shorter MTC stay –> New Mexico MTC –> Sister Training Leaders –> Worldwide Broadcast for member missionary work –> New Technology –> the new awesome changes that are going to happen over the next year! Oh. My. Goodness!!! Missionary work is becoming soooo much better! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!! ^^


I have a challenge for you all though. At mission conference it was impressed upon me that we need members so much to help with this work. We need to think about what WE can do to help with missionary work because it’s not just the missionaries that do it. It’s a million times better to get a referral from a member than to have to find people on the street. I challenge you to take Elder Ballard’s challenge to heart, and I dare you to go up to your local missionaries and ask them what you can do to help them, even if it’s just being the member in a member present lesson. I promise they won’t turn you down, and the Lord will bless you for your willingness to serve him. We need members so so much! We can’t do this work without them. Please think of people you can invite to hear the missionaries, and ask the missionaries what you can do to help them. I promise that you will be blessed if you do this.


Also, We had stake conference yesterday. First of all, we had a miracle that one of our investigators who we thought wouldn’t show up came! Woot! ^^ And it was a broadcast from Utah and Elder Cook and Elder Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve spoke. Oh. My. Goodness. I already knew that they are inspired, but this just increased my testimony so much because the entire meeting focused on the problems that Korea is facing. I’m sure they know a lot from the mission presidents, but they hit the nail on the head with this one. It was exactly perfect for a people they probably do not know much about! The church is so true!!! ^^

We’ve had a miracle of picking up a lot of new investigators this week, a lot of them Chinese. I love telling people about how much God loves them! It’s my favorite thing to tell people. I am really grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel with the people of Korea. I really love Korea and it’s people.


Tomorrow we have the opportunity to help with a big service project. All the missionaries are going to help make Kimchi! Kimchi (if you don’t know) is pretty much the Korean national dish. They eat it with everything (and that is not an exaggeration.) Kimchi is fermented vegetables, usually cabbage, and it is delicious. I really like Kimchi, but it can be hard to take at first because it’s a bit spicy. It’s really good though! ^^ Tomorrow we’re going to help make it, and it will be an exciting adventure. Yay Kimchi! ^^


I hope you all have a wonderful week! Remember to “ask the missionaries!” ^^

Love you lots!

Sister Jessica Pope

Sinchon Week 1 – Girl Power!!!

Dearest Family and Friends,

Another transfer! Woot! ^^ So I’m sure you’re all so anxious to find out where I am and with who I am, so I guess I’ll stop beating around the bush to tell you. ^^ I’m still in the 신촌 area (I wasn’t surprised about that) but I moved into the new apartment there! It’s sooooo much nicer than our other one– It’s bigger because at the end of the transfer it will be a 4 sister house, and it has a pretty rock garden! I don’t have pictures because the transfer was on Saturday and we were so busy just trying to move and unpack. I’ll send them next week!

I also have two wonderful new companions! I love Sis. Lawrence so much! She is a really old missionary -she’s been here 16 months- and she has lots of experience, for which I am grateful for. ^^ She is from Utah and she is currently in Law School at BYU, and she is amazing. Our other companion is a brand new missionary- Sis. Yoon! She is Korean, and absolutely adorable. Again, I will have pictures of the three of us next time. I can tell we will have a great transfer! ^^

So the awesome thing is that in 신촌 we now have FIVE sisters and FOUR elders. What!? How crazy is that?? Sis. White and Sis. Thomas (also a new missionary) are a wonderful addition to our district. ^^ This transfer had 17 new missionaries– 11 sisters and 6 elders. Usually they start with the sisters to find out their new companion, but we started with the elders because there weren’t as many. ^^ Sister Power! But I would be extremely worried if we didn’t have elders. They are so important to the work too.

It’s already starting out really well. Yesterday we had two member present lessons, and we have more appointments lined up for this next week! ^^ It’s getting colder out here, so it’s nice to have three so we can huddle together for warmth. ^^ I’m so excited for this transfer!!

If you want to send a Christmas package, you should do it now because it takes so long to get here. If it’s too expensive, a card would be lovely. ^^

I love you all so much! Thank you again for your prayers! I pray for you always!

All my love,

Sis. Jessica Pope