Sinchon Week 3 – The Thanksgivi​ng Miracle

Dearest family and friends,

We saw a wonderful miracle this week. We had FOUR of our investigators come to church with us! That is so amazing! And all of them loved it and they want to come again next week!!!!! ^^ One of them was afraid of coming to church because she’s shy, but she told me after Relief Society that she feels like she can come to church now! ^^ AND the other set of sister missionaries brought two of their own investigators, so in all we had six investigators at church!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! ^^ And even better, President and Sis. Christensen spoke in Sacrament meeting, so of course it was awesome. Sis. Christensen doesn’t speak Korean very well, so she spoke in English and had a member translate for her. It was another miracle because one of our investigators doesn’t speak Korean well, and the other sister’s investigators also don’t speak Korean well, so it was a wonderful day in church. ^^

AND after church one of our investigators, Sis. Kim, agreed to start working towards a baptismal date!!!!!!! ^^ It was a great day!! We will continue to do our best to help her draw closer to her Father in Heaven. I’m so happy for her! ^^

So this week is Thanksgiving! Yay!!!! We’re going to be eating with the American families in our ward, and we’re super excited because they work for the government so they have military access. This means we will have American food!!!!!!!!! Oh, I’m so excited!!!!!! ^^ This will be a good week.

Also, This week is my six-month mark on a mission. Personally, I’m like “What? Whatdya mean I only have a year left!? I just got started! I still have so much I need to do!” Seriously, this time is so short. I have to make every moment count and open my mouth all the time, whether I know Korean or not (and most of the time it’s not.) We have to do all we can now because there won’t be time later! I’m rededicating myself to being the best missionary I can be because I only have so long to do it in.

 My prayers go out to all the missionaries that are or were in the Philippines. God knows them and knows exactly where they are and what they need. It is a miracle that ALL of those missionaries are accounted for and safe. They are angels, and I love them so much for what they have done for the Philippines.
Stay strong! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers!
Sis. Jessica Pope
P.S. Here are pictures of me making Kimchi! It’s so messy, and it reminds me of the job I had before my mission.^^
 DSCF5129 DSCF5124

Week 12 – How Old Am I Really?

안녕하세요, 제 가적과 진구!

As some of you may recall, this week is my last as a teenager. This means I’m supposed to do grown up things, like buy my own toilet paper or go to work everyday. Well, I’ve actually been doing that for a while, so we have enough toilet paper and my work is the Lord’s work right now, so we’re good on that. ^^ I’m just confused about my age.

You see, Korean age is a little different than American age. In Korea, when you are born you are already 1, and then at the Lunar New Year everyone gets a year older together on the same day. This means that when I left the United States I was 19, and when I got her I was 21! In a strange paradox I won’t be 20 ever because on my birthday I’ll still be telling people I’m 21! AND when I come back I’ll have turned 21 in American age! I’m going to be 21 for a really long time! O.o

This last week went much better than last week. We still worked hard, and there were still disappointments, but we are doing the work of the Lord! I went on exchange this week with our sister training leader, and I just have to say that she is adorable! She is so awesome, and she really helped me understand a few things about how to do better missionary work. I’m grateful for her example to me!

I’m so grateful for everyone’s prayers! Thank you for the birthday wishes too! I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful week! May the Lord bless you and keep you!!!!!

All my love,

Sister Jessica Pope

Korean Thanksgiving – Week 7

Dearest family and friends,

Happy 주석 week! ^^ That is Korean Thanksgiving, and it’s will be on the 19th. The Korean missionaries get to call home that day, but the foreign missionaries will have to wait for Christmas. It’s okay though. It will be fun to celebrate anyway. ^^ We will have mission conference on that day, so it’s going to be an exciting week!

So this week we were able to visit our investigator who has been in the hospital nearly every day. She is in the hospital that is right next to the other ward in our district, so she was able to witness a baptism on Saturday!!! ^^ I was praying so hard that she would feel something, and she told me that she “felt her heart spark” that day. Ah!! The Spirit is so awesome!! She also was able to receive a blessing of the sick yesterday. The Lord has been preparing her for the gospel! She won’t be in the hospital much longer, and that means that we won’t be able to teach her soon. *sigh* We know that the new missionaries will love her just as much as we do, and we know that the gospel will bless her life more than she can even imagine. Missionaries plant seeds all the time and sometimes they don’t get to see the fruit of that seed. I pray for her and I hope that she will know that the seed is good.

We also were able to get a new investigator who doesn’t speak Korean that well. We teach her in English, and that means that I am to lead the conversation. It’s different being so involved in the lesson because most of the time I have no idea what is going on and am just praying to recognize when I should bear testimony. When we teach this sister I can speak about everything, and It’s a good reminder that I AM able to teach the gospel. I can do it in Korean, but most of the time it’s all I can do to get out three or so sentences and I get frustrated because I still can’t understand. Teaching in English reminded me of what can happen when I am able to speak the language and it gave me more hope. I have faith that I can learn this language, and I know that the Lord will help me if I continue to try. On Tuesday we went to the temple and I was reminded of a very important lesson: I am not perfect, but Jesus Christ is. He who created the heaven and the earth created this language, and he knows how much I am trying to learn it and where I’m at. Mistakes are part of the plan, but so are miracles. I am looking for the miracles each day, and I have seen them.

I was asked to teach English class twice this week because the elders in our ward were elsewhere doing missionary things. Those who come think I’m hilarious when I teach. That, or I’m crazy. I can’t tell anymore. ^^ At least they enjoy themselves, and I enjoy teaching English. We teach mostly conversational English, so if anyone has any ideas for topics, like “Pet Peeves”, “Holidays”, “Jokes”, etc. please let me know because I’d like to use them. Thanks!

Thank you for your prayers and faith. Truly they are a blessing to me. I love you all so much! 사랑해요!!!

All my love,

Sister Jessica Pope


P.S. Please send me your best and worst jokes, especially Knock Knock jokes. They are all new to the Koreans. 😛


“To bring the world His Truth”

Week 1 – Shin Chone Area

안녕하세요, everyone!

I’m so sorry if some of you were worried about me because you didn’t hear from me until now, but I want you to know that I am safe and sound! We didn’t get a chance to email yesterday (Our Monday, your Sunday) because we were helping a woman move into her new apartment with her daughter! Hopefully it will open her heart and she will be interested to know more about the gospel and why were are here. We got special permission to email today instead of our Preparation day, so now I can tell you about my first week in Korea!

DSCF1070First of all, it is SOOO HUMID!!! There is so much water in the air and it is super hot all the time. My area is in the huge city of Seoul, and it happens to be the one with the Temple and the Mission office too! We are literally around the corner from the temple. One of the first characteristics I noticed about Korea is that there are so many steep hills and stairs everywhere, and there are not a lot of elevators. Most of the members live on the 3rd or 4th floor too. My trainer says that my legs will get huge, and I believe her! I’m kind of grateful that I was able to somewhat prepare for this part when I did that one year of track in high school. This is going to be fun!DSCF1057

Speaking of my trainer, her name is 정효정 자매님 (Sister Jeong). She is a native Korean, and she speaks the language perfectly. ㅅㅅ She is adorable, and is so positive all the time! I am so grateful for her help because I am at a loss for everything here. I feel like a small child following her everywhere. I can barely understand anything and I can’t read very well and I don’t know what I’m doing, so she is a great “mother” teaching me how to survive Korea as a missionary.DSCF1040

This area has it’s challenges, and I hope I am up to the task to help out as best I can. This is going to be really hard, but I am always praying for the Lord’s hand. I have already seen evidence of the gift of tongues working here, and I know that the Lord will help us as we do our best to serve him. Keep praying for us! Thank you so much for your love and support! We feel it.

All my love,DSCF1029

포프 자매 (Sister Pope)