Imun Week 2 – With the Hand of the Lord

Dearest Family and Friends,

Happy New Year! I was wrong about when everyone gets a year older. It’s actually on January 1st, so now I’m 22! O.o That’s weird to think about…

So Korea has a different tradition for the New Year. Instead of partying the night before (though I’m sure that happens) they get up really early and go on a hike and watch the sun rise on a new year! We were invited by members in our branch to go hiking, but our group decided to go at 10 am instead. It was really fun! I love hiking! ^^ It was pretty, and pretty cold too. I’m glad I get to see so many different traditions in this culture! It’s really interesting to see that even though our cultures are different, in a lot of ways we are all very much the same. It makes sense too because we are all Heavenly Father’s children. We are brothers and sisters learning and growing together! I have met many people from all different countries, but we all part of the same family. One days when I struggle to speak and understand Korean, I remember that in Heaven we all spoke the same language; the language of the Spirit. It helps me to remember that even though I may not be able to speak and understand now, after this life I will be able to understand and speak to everyone that I have met here and that we can rejoice together in the language of the Spirit. Until that day, I will continue to struggle to learn this language and trust that the Spirit will teach those I speak to what they need to hear. Only with the Spirit is this possible. I physically cannot do it any other way.

Our district leader gave us a challenge to place a Book of Mormon every day for a week. I decided to take this challenge to heart, and I have seen the hand of the Lord helping me. On days when I am so physically exhausted that I am falling alseep as I climb the stairs, or when I only have one pass-along card left after a full day of 전도, or when I only have five minutes to talk to people, Heavenly Father can place someone in my path that will accept the gift of a Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father is aware of us in all that we do! If we have enough faith, He can perform miracles through us. I know this is true with all my heart!

This week I found out that one of the investigators I helped teach in 신촌 was getting baptized on Sunday. I was really sad that I was not able to go, but I know that it is not about me, it is about Sis. Kim. I am so happy that she made that decision to draw closer to our Heavenly Father and begin her journey back to him. In 이문 the elders also were able to see one of their investigators baptized as well! Truly, Heavenly Father has been so good to me. This work can be so hard, but it is also so worth it. I’m so grateful that I have been able to see the hand of the Lord this week in many ways. I know without a doubt this church is true! The gifts of the Spirit are real! The Lord really does love us and want to help us! This is the “happy message” that we share every day. There is great power in the Lord’s work, and I am so blessed to be a part of it in Korea.

I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week, and a very happy New Year!

All my love,
Sister Jessica Pope
“To bring the world His Truth”