Week 4 – A Mission Exhibition!

Buenos Tardes, mi familia y amigos! ㅅㅅ (Wait, that’s not my language!)

We lived through another week. It was a little rough because we lost two of our investigators, but we have more return appointments planned! We met with one sister who is Korean, but she said that sometimes English is more comfortable because she lived in foreign countries for a long time, so sometimes she makes mistakes in Korean and Koreans don’t understand why. I am happy because I can participate more in teaching her, and she seems so ready to receive the gospel! I’m so excited for her! ㅅㅅ
We’re planning a big event for the ward this week. Before I got here they had an idea for a Missionary Exhibition to help members learn more about missionary work and how they can help and non-members can also come and learn more about the gospel. This has taken a lot of planning, but we are excited. There is also going to be a musical “concert” of sorts, so all of us missionaries in the ward plus another ward’s missionaries will be singing a lot. The good news is that the missionaries in our ward are very talented, and I really enjoy when we sing together before meetings because we have two tenors and two basses and I am an alto and my companion is a soprano! This worked out perfectly. ㅅㅅ Hopefully we we be able to invite the Spirit and help the members understand how much we need them and help investigators gain more faith and some friends in the ward. This will be awesome!
As for the language, I’m really nervous because I am supposed to pass-off on the first lesson this week with one of our district leaders. That is a lot of 다노 (dah-no), or Vocabulary, and I am praying super hard for the Spirit to be there and for the gift of tongues to help me. I’ve been studying as much as I can, but it is slow going. I pray that I will be ready by Wednesday, and I have faith that the Lord will help me. I have already seen some of the miracles that the gift of tongues can bring, and I have no doubt that the Lord will help me as long as I keep trying and have faith. 와이팅! (why-ting) Fighting! (Let’s do it/good luck)
The food is still really good, but there are several things that are not my favorite. There is a drink that tastes like grain in water that is very popular, and a type of water Kimchi that is like a soup, but it tastes like pickling solution to me. I’m still experimenting at the grocery store since I can’t read any of the labels yet, and I have a suspicion that I’m buying skim milk again without meaning to. *sigh* Oh well.
Thank you all again for your love and support. I need it so much! I love hearing from you all, and I hope you continue to write me! Love you lots! The church is so true!
All my love,
Sister Jessica Pope
P.S. These are pictures of us at an all-you-can-eat meat buffet. You grab the meat you want and then you cook it in the middle of your table. It was delicious, and I think it would be a bad idea if they had these in America.
The second dish is 팓빙수 (Pa ping su) which is like ice cream. It’s mixed with red beans and ice, and it’s super delicious. ㅅㅅ